Why do so many churches that have the name grace in their name have a lot of legalism?

Why are there so many narcissistic Christian leaders when the mark of Jesus was humility?

Why do churches who split off from other churches think they can become the best church the world has seen since the New Testament? Did they read how messy the New Testament church was?

Why do we think we have a corner on truth when every generation that looks back sees what was missing in prior generations?

Why do I have a hard time trusting God for the future when He has been so good in the past?

Why am I so easily satisfied with less than all I have in Jesus?

Why does it take me so long to learn basic lessons of the Christian life?

Why do I get anxious when I know God is sovereign?

Why is money such a big deal when God told us to trust Him for what we need?

Why does God's grace cover all my sin day after day?

Why does God choose to use broken pots like us in His divine work?

Why can I find it so hard to forgive when God has forgiven me of everything?

Why do I try so hard to fix others when the Holy Spirit is the only one who can truly change hearts?

Why don't I care more that my neighbors will be in eternity without God unless they find Jesus?

Why do I have a hard time seeing all people as made in His image no matter how messed up that image is?

Why do I overvalue this life and undervalue eternity?

How come life does not get easier with age?

What do you wonder about?
  • Apr 18, 2013
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