Jun 12, 2023

Toxicity in Leadership


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Jun 10, 2023

Moving from toxicity to health in organizational leadership

Toxicity in leadership often stems from our inability to control our egos in our interactions with others. If you have ever been in a conversation with a supervisor or boss and feel unlistened to, put down, diminished, your opinion discounted, or attacked verbally, you have experienced an unhealthy ego that needs to be right, superior and get its own way. 

These behaviors destroy trust, create...

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Jun 05, 2023

The danger of a culture of consumerism over disciplemaking in the church today


There is no country where the church has the American church's resources. And yet, with all the advantages it has: wealth; technology; training; strategy, and Biblical knowledge, we are not doing well in many congregations. In fact, we inadvertently hurt ourselves by focusing on the wrong things, which causes us to miss the best things. We are often building a culture of consumerism over...

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Jun 01, 2023

When leaders cannot be challenged


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May 30, 2023

Leaders are stewards: The question is what are you stewarding and for whom?


Most would acknowledge that leaders are stewards. By definition, stewardship means that we look after the interests of someone or something else rather than ourselves. However, what we are stewarding and for whom requires some deep thinking and regular realignment because it is easy to get this wrong. We can inadvertently steward the wrong thing! This is true whether you lead a team or an...

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Apr 20, 2023

Don't allow these issues to derail your leadership


It is possible to have significant leadership skills and still undermine one's own leadership. And this is not only a risk for young leaders but often for leaders who have seen significant success. Here are some of the ways that leaders can sabotage their leadership, and even destroy it.

Ego. This should be obvious but it isn't always! Success breeds confidence and that confidence can cause us to...

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Mar 04, 2022

The Ego Challenge


Less Ego and More Humility

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10

Ego is truly an enemy in our lives. Ego seeks to elevate us above others. Ego convinces us that we need to be right and get our way. Ego keeps us from asking for forgiveness when we have wronged others. Ego keeps us from forgiving those who have hurt us. Ego causes us to compete with those we ought...

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