Jul 14, 2016

7 reasons it may be time to leave my job

Nothing stays the same forever and this is often true of our jobs. If anything, my observation is that we tend to stay longer than we should because it is more comfortable to do nothing than to consider a new challenge. However, there are seven reasons why it may be time to leave our jobs - whether - for another job in the same organization or a different organization.

1. I am no longer in my area...
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Jul 01, 2016

My seat on the bus does not fit me anymore

It happens: roles that once were energizing and satisfying become stale, frustrating and no longer fulfilling. We change, organizations change, leadership changes or our interests change and we need a new challenge. Maybe in a different seat on the same bus or on a different bus entirely. What we need to realize in this situation is that the longer we stay were we are the more frustrated we will...
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Aug 03, 2015

I cannot stay in this job because...

There are reasons that people leave jobs. It is often not for higher pay but for a better supervisor or organizational culture that is getting in the way of their current role. Often, when leaving a dysfunctional work environment it is not apparent until we have been out a while that we realize how bad it was. And how glad we are gone.

Here are some of the reasons that people cannot stay in their...
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