Aug 03, 2020

A simple principle to see dramatically better results

Over time most organizations move from focused activity to more general activity. In the process they unknowingly dilute the results they are looking for (Return On Investment) or in the non-profit world (Return on Mission). This drift from focused activity to less focused activity is not intentional but it happens in almost all organizations unless there are tools in place to keep the main thing...
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Jul 26, 2020

Pivots are the new normal: Get used to it!

For those of us who like stability and that includes most, life has thrown us all a curve ball with the uncertainty of Covid 19 and what the future is going to look like. There are colleges, universities and seminaries on the brink, non-profits trying to figure out how to survive, churches scrambling to understand how to do ministry in this environment and, at the moment, Covid statistics going...
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Jul 09, 2020

A cure for meeting fatigue

Long meetings are a drag! They dissipate our energy, tire us out, and after the first 45 minutes degenerate from there. To stay awake, people look at their email, pretend they are taking notes while working on their computer and sometimes just try to stay awake, looking interested - which many are not. I have written many a blog is such long meetings. Because few are giving their undivided...
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Jul 07, 2020

Paternalism (or racism) in missions

I suspect that this blog will be considered controversial by many who read it. I understand that and am not out to hurt the mission enterprise - one I grew up in and one that I have led. Missions is in my blood and I have national friends in every corner of the world. While many western missionaries may disagree with my analysis I know that most of my national leader...
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Jul 06, 2020

Great leadership in 22 simple words

Leadership is not about me but about stewarding a trust on behalf of others and a mission that makes the world a better place,

Leadership is always about service: to those we lead; to those we serve through our organization; and to those that the organization interacts with.

Leaders model high standards of integrity and live with accountability as they expect the same from...
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Jul 05, 2020

The Law of Limiting Constraints

Every new strategy should be tested against the law of limiting constraints. Limiting constraints are the things that will prevent your idea or strategy from being as successful as you desire it to be. They are issues that become constraints to what you wishwould happen but the constraint becomes a barrier. If, however, you can identify those probable constraints ahead of time and make necessary...
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Jul 02, 2020

What do you hate to do?

For all of us there are pieces of our lives that we don't enjoy doing. It can be in our personal lives or in our jobs. These are the things that we put off, procrastinate on and allow to pile up and the longer we ignore them the more daunting it looks. Often when we do tackle what we don't like to do we are grossly inefficient at it. After all we are not motivated to get it done. For those who are...
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