Mar 22, 2020

Seven suggestions for managing ministry staff in the chaos of coronavirus

One of the realities of the coronavirus situation is that ministry has become far more complex and complicated. Our traditional ministry paradigms have vanished for this season, we don't see people we normally see on a regular basis, it requires far more effort to stay connected with constituents and all of that is complicated by staff who are working at home in many cases. 

Supervisors and leaders...
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Mar 16, 2020

Five things that Jesus may want the church to learn in the age of the coronavirus

I have a conviction that nothing happens in our world, good or bad, that does not first pass by the hands of God and which He doesn't use to build His church. 

Having travelled the world for many years I have yet to find a place where Jesus is not working in the midst of suffering and hardship. In fact, church history would tell us that God does His greatest work in times of hardship because in...
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Mar 09, 2020

The Coronavirus and its potential implications for churches

We ought not operate from fear although the 24 hour news cycle is certainly driving fear deep into our national consciousness. I choose not to live in fear but to be appropriately prudent personally and in a leadership role. For any group that gathers large numbers of people together there is some risk - if the virus is resident in the local community. And of course, the church gathers weekly...
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Mar 05, 2020

Why are Christians so mean? An article from Gary Thomas in


Why Are Christians So Mean?

Gary Thomas

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Mar 04, 2020

A profound leadership principle that many don't understand

   Leaders must transition from being responsible for the job, to       being responsible for the people who are responsible for the          job.     
Simon Sinek

This truth from Simon Sinek is profound. Too many leaders get trapped into trying to do the job they used to do, or trying to accomplish the mission their organization is responsible for and lose sight of the fact that doing the job is no...
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Feb 20, 2020

If you are a team leader you are responsible for ten things

Teams are integral to every organization. In fact, they are the building blocks of an organization so the health of each team is directly connected to the overall health of the enterprise. If you think of teams as the Lego blocks of your organization, think of half of those teams being unhealthy and the other half healthy. Each unhealthy team will impact those other teams that touch it, interact...
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Feb 18, 2020

Leaders who hurt others and the organization they lead

It is unfortunate but common to encounter leaders who hurt those who work for them and actually cause damage to the organization they lead. What is even more unfortunate is that these leaders don't realize what they are doing and often do not listen to feedback that could help them. If it is a business they generally will end up hurting the bottom line. If it is a non-profit they will hurt the...
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