Aug 17, 2015

Another word for unteachability is arrogance

I am always fascinated when I meet people who are truly unteachable. I have come to the conclusion that they suffer from arrogance. If I am unwilling or unable to receive constructive feedback I am saying "I am right" rather than "tell me more." 

In talking to a senior pastor recently who was involved in significant conflict in his church centered around how he led, I asked him if he would do...
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Dec 03, 2014

12 signs of humility and arrogance in leaders

Indicators of Humility
  • I have a proper view of who I am, who I am not and know the source of my strengths
  • I am a secure individual and therefore unthreatened
  • I know that I need others and treat them with honor and respect
  • As a rule I am non-defensive
  • I listen carefully to others and display flexibility
  • I do not need to have my own way on most things
  • I am willing to share authority and decision making...
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Oct 17, 2013

The temptation of leaders

It is a potential sin of all who lead and it is fed by success, knowledge and the power inherent in leadership. It is arrogance: hubris or pride – an inflated view of our own self importance.

As a reader of history I have run across any number of individuals who suffered from this deficiency. George Patton wrote this in his diary in the Second World War: “When I think of the greatness of my job and...
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