Mar 29, 2023

When our ministries claim to be transformational but toxicity exists on their staff, we need to take note


There is a disconnect in many ministries that claim to be about transformation. That disconnect is that their own internal staff cultures are often toxic, dysfunctional, and highly untransformed. It is a sickness that pervades even high-profile ministries that purport to be at the forefront of leadership and transformational ministries.

I recently worked with a very large multi-ethnic church,...

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Jan 09, 2022

If you lead others, evaluate yourself against these 12 traits of a good supervisor


The best supervisors practice behaviors that build healthy staff and healthy teams. Think through these twelve characteristics of a good supervisor and evaluate how you are doing in these areas.

I Provide clear expectations to those who report to me

I provide clear expectations to those I supervise so they are never surprised.

I am accessible

My most important priority is the success of those who are...

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