Sep 23, 2018

Self evaluation and personal growth

In the busyness of life, the hectic schedules we keep and the many obligations we agree to, one thing often suffers: self evaluation and personal growth. We are too busy to consider and running too fast to be purposeful in our own growth. In this we pay a personal price.

The price is that we miss out on personal perspective and growth that can give us greater personal health and happiness and which...
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Sep 11, 2018

Comfort zones can also be danger zones

We all have a comfort zone. It is the place where we don’t need to worry much because we are living with the familiar. It is a nice place to be...but stay too long and our comfort turns to complacency and we lose our cutting edge. 

Leaving our comfort zone is not about adopting the common lifestyle of the hurried, harried and overcommitted. That is a place of frustration, tiredness and depletion....
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