Dec 13, 2021

It is counterintuitive but Covid may be a blessing for the spread of the Gospel


I have a firm conviction that nothing happens in our world, good or bad, which does not first pass by the hands of God and which He does not use to build His church. History is full of examples of adversity that become accelerators to the advancement of the gospel. In fact, it is often in the face of difficult challenges that the church shows itself to be the most resilient.

The age of Covid has...

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Jan 22, 2020

Why regular innovation is so important to an organization

Innovation is absolutely critical for a healthy organization. Without it, decline will set in but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. 

Innovation is first and foremost a means of helping people think outside of their current paradigms. It is our paradigms of the way life is and the way we do things that gives us a sense of stability. It is also what keeps us from growing because things...
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