Sep 23, 2018

Self evaluation and personal growth

In the busyness of life, the hectic schedules we keep and the many obligations we agree to, one thing often suffers: self evaluation and personal growth. We are too busy to consider and running too fast to be purposeful in our own growth. In this we pay a personal price.

The price is that we miss out on personal perspective and growth that can give us greater personal health and happiness and which...
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Jul 25, 2018

The pursuit of wisdom

Wisdom in our world is short supply. It has been supplanted by instant gratification, pragmatism, a pursuit of the superficial and hectic schedules that drive out reflection and intentional living. Wisdom is a trait all of us desire but one that many are not willing to pay the cost for.

Wisdom comes at a cost just as any other pursuit of value does. Things of great value do not come cheaply or...
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