Jan 13, 2020

The dangers of "representative" church leadership

It sounds like a good idea. The church has six or seven major ministries so why not have the leader of each of those ministries on the church leadership team - whether it is a council or board of elders or some other name. After all, we don't want any of these ministries not represented at the leadership level!

What sounds like a good idea can actually be a bad idea and in this case cause negative...
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Nov 16, 2016

High Impact Church Boards is currently out of print but you can receive a PDF if you are looking for it

If you need a copy of High Impact Boards for your church leadership, contact me at tjaddington@gmail.com and I will provide a PDF for you to use until the book is back in print.

With over thirty years of working with boards I am available to help your board be the best they can be. Whether remotely using technology or in person, together we can make substantial strides toward healthier and more...
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