It is Friday morning and I expect to be discharged shortly. I deeply appreciate those who prayed for my bariatric surgery. The procedure was on Tuesday. Wednesday was a tough day but by Thursday I was off of pain medication, walking regularly and eating my special diet (for now). Today I feel strong, am virtually pain free and looking forward to my leather chair, a good book and time with my bride, Mary Ann, at home.

Last night I got a great night of sleep, the first since surgery. The previous night they had been checking my blood sugars every half hour which made sleep nearly impossible. Interestingly, my need for insulin is already almost nil which is amazing. I may be off of insulin within weeks.

I am blessed to have so many friends who took the time to pray. Thank you so much. I look forward to being back to robust health soon. By tomorrow, the blog should be up and running as usual.

God also blessed me with great doctors and medical staff and I was able to share some of my books with them. The first evening on the unit I had a great friend of Mary Ann who provided exceptional care which was a great blessing. Several other of my staff members have been believers. All of them have been professional and helpful.

We are praying that this will put  cap on seven years of health issues that started in December 2007. All of us are ready to put this chapter to rest, thankful for what God has done but ready for a new chapter of life and health. Thank you for praying toward that end.
  • Oct 31, 2014
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