I read an interesting email today from a church that recently replaced a full time outreach pastor with a volunteer team of four retired individuals who together have brought more creativity, motivation, teamwork and results to outreach than the church has ever had. And their new staff cost nothing!

I found the email fascinating because I have long thought that we have professionalized ministry, hiring professionals to do what in many cases God's people could be doing and at a high cost to the ministry. The cost of staff and benefits continues to rise, leaving us with few resources for ministry initiatives in our community or world.

For all of us who wish we had more resources. For all of us who wish more of our competent congregants were in the game. For all of us who want to release God's people in meaningful ministry, this is an idea to be considered.
It almost sounds like how God designed the church to operate!
  • Dec 16, 2008
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