Here is an instructive exercise if you want to think about what your church is about. Ask your staff and board this question: How would you describe our church? Forget about vision and mission statements and focus on how you would actually describe the church. For real!

In fact, take this one step further and describe the positive pieces of your church culture, the problematic pieces and the negative pieces. Put those in three columns on a white board and have a discussion around all three columns. 

Think about these questions;

  • How can we capitalize on the positive pieces of our culture and continue to encourage those pieces?
  • What can we do about the problematic pieces of our culture?
  • How do we address and change the negative pieces of our culture and where do those influences come from?
  • How do these three columns impact new people who come into the congregation?
  • What impact do the three columns have on the spiritual health of our congregation?
  • Do we have the courage to address the negative pieces of our culture?
My guess is that such a conversation will open up some honest and candid dialogue among your staff and leaders. The problematic and negative pieces of a congregation's culture are often ignored or left as elephants in the room. Don't ignore them because they impact the spiritual lives of your people for good or bad. In fact, at some point, in some way, it is necessary to address those negative pieces of your culture and that takes courage and a long term plan.

It starts with a conversation. 

  • Oct 27, 2021
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