It is common for a congregation to have an information booth where new folks can get information on what is happening and where to go. All good. But what would happen if every major ministry was a hospitality hotspot with trained hosts whose job it is to make people comfortable and ensure that people are engaged and have the information they need. 

A hospitality hotspot is one where there is an individual or individuals who:

  • Look for new people and engage them
  • Ensure that you get their name and them yours
  • Introduce them to several others in the vicinity
  • Re-welcome by name the following week
  • Help get them connected
  • Get their story as you can
One of key reasons people do not come back to a church is that no one engaged them when they came. Having multiple hospitality hotspots would solve that issue. It would also train a greater number of people in your congregation to engage with new folks.

Posted from Oakdale, MN

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  • Apr 25, 2015
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