There are many things that matter in life but few as important as growing hearts that are God sized. That is a lifelong pursuit because His heart is so vast, so caring, so loving, so truthful, so courageous, so merciful, holy and gracious that all eternity will not suffice to get close to His heart. But there is no better pursuit.

Think about how having His heart impacts our relationships, actions and priorities:

  • My care for the hurting - and they are all around us
  • My responses to those who are irritating - we all have them in our lives
  • My response to the crises that hit our world like the current crisis in Nepal
  • How I choose to invest my gifts - for His purposes or primarily for mine
  • How I choose to invest my funds - generosity for Him or selfishness for me
  • The lens through which I make decisions - simply pragmatic or personal gain or through Jesus' eyes
  • How I view my own personal sin - unimportant or deeply hurtful to God's heart
  • How I view position, power and influence - as something I deserve or a trust that I hold
All Scripture reveals God's heart but if you really want to understand His heart read the Gospels for there we see it put into action in real life situations. What surprises us when we read carefully is how counter intuitive His heart is compared to what we would expect and to what society sees as normal. He surprised people around Him, His own disciples, those who were guilty, those who were resistant and the Pharisees. The more we develop His heart the more that will be true of our own lives as well. 

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  • Apr 27, 2015
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