Ebola has struck fear in the hearts of many in Africa leaving many victims helpless. But like the early church when outbreaks of the plague came, it is Christians who are often the ones caring for the sick, ministering to the families of those impacted and burying the dead. This includes partners of ReachGlobal and members of ReachAfrica who minister in Ebola infected regions.

As you hear Ebola updates I would encourage you to pray first that a treatment would be found, for the sick who are struggling for their lives and for the believers and medical staff who are faithfully ministering to the sick. Pray also for a receptiveness to the gospel by those being ministered to. Nothing happens in our world, good or bad, that does not first pass by the hand of God and which He does not use to build His church.

The following video update is instructive on the challenges of dealing with Ebola.

  • Sep 01, 2014
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