Recently I went to the cardiologist for an annual checkup. I had just had an echo cardiogram on my heart which showed it to be completely normal. It was a normal visit until he started looking back over my chart on the computer to events in 2007 and 2008 where my mitral valve had failed when I was deathly ill.

He asked me when I had undergone surgery to fix it and we told him that I had not but that God had healed it when many people from around the world had been praying. He sat there stunned as he read what had happened and compared that to the normal heart in front of him on the echo. He could not reconcile a normal heart with the echo's he saw from my past hospitalization and that without surgery to fix it.

This created dissonance for him. It did not fit his categories. And, it gave us an opportunity to share how God had worked in our lives. 

God loves to create dissonance in the thinking of people and he loves it when we do the same in our actions, attitudes or responses to others. That dissonance between what people expect in the normal course of events and what they experience when it is present causes them to sit up and think! When God intervenes and shows up unexpectedly it creates spiritual dissonance for people and I regularly invite Him to do so. The Holy Spirit has amazing ways of getting peoples attention when He intervenes in the normal course of life. 

We also create dissonance when we as believers simply act like Jesus would. Forgiving when people would expect us to hang on to an offense. Helping when people would expect us to go our own way. Loving those who are usually overlooked. Being generous with those who have a need. Just as Jesus was the expert at doing the unexpected, so we can and should be. It creates dissonance which then leads to questions which leads to the opportunity to share Jesus. 

God's power is beyond anything our world can comprehend and when His finger touched my broken heart it healed. The way of Jesus is beyond anything our world can comprehend and when we simply live like He did we create the same dissonance God does. That dissonance between what is expected and what is demonstrated is God's way of getting peoples attention. 

Invite God to create dissonance in those around you and join Him in doing it yourself by simply living out the life of Jesus.
  • Mar 13, 2012
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