Many people work in organizations that have significant issues, or attend churches with the same. Welcome to our world which made up of people is highly imperfect. While I wish we all were in healthy workplaces or churches we are not. That being said, we always have a choice: Do I contribute to dysfunction or to health?

The issue is not whether there will be dysfunction in my church or place of work - that is a fact of life. The issue is whether I will deliberately and consistently choose healthy attitudes and practices in spite of what others around me are doing. That is my choice!

Truly healthy individuals simply choose a healthy path even when others don't.

Think about the choices we have:

  • I choose whether I get pulled into other people's stuff or avoid triangulation.
  • I choose whether I engage in gossip and the putting down of others or choose only to speak well of others.
  • I choose whether I keep short accounts in relationships or allow bitterness and conflict to fester unresolved.
  • I choose whether I am honest and transparent while still being diplomatic and kind or whether I am cynical and angry.
  • I choose whether I live with personal integrity or skirt the edges.
The powerful common denominator in all this is that we always have a choice. No matter how dysfunctional our surroundings we always have a choice. That is empowering to us and powerful in its influence with others.

It is also very freeing. Getting wrapped up in bad attitudes, unhappiness, emotional triangles, unresolved conflict are all massive energy wasters and bondage makers. Choosing a healthy path is freeing. It is also a quiet but powerful influence for health when things are not healthy.

We have far more power over our circumstances and attitudes than we often think. And more influence than we know if we will choose a healthy path even when others don't!

  • Feb 25, 2014
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