If Jesus accepts me fully, why don't I accept myself? If He made me the way He wanted me to be why do I wish I was different (Ephesians 2:10)?

If Jesus has willingly forgiven all of my sin (1 John 1:9), why do I hold on to grudges with others rather than forgiving them?

If Jesus has invited me to join him in His work, why do I focus on myself instead of signing up for His Kingdom assignment (Ephesians 2:10)?

If Jesus has poured out on me all the riches of His glory and power and relationship and provision, why do I complain that I don't have enough (Ephesians 1-2)?

If Jesus spent his life looking for those who were hurting and in need of him, why do I spend most of my time with fellow Christ followers?

If Jesus gave me grace when I didn't deserve it why do I withhold it from others who don't deserve it?

If Jesus lived in unity with the Father and the Holy Spirit, why don't I work harder to live in unity with my fellow believers?

If Jesus lived with an open hand, why is my hand closed so often?

If Jesus needed to spend time with His Father why don't I make that time in my life?

If Jesus served with humility why do I live with so much pride?

If Jesus lived a life of suffering why do we think we are immune and complain when it happens?

If Jesus never marginalized and put down people why do we do it?

The life of Jesus challenges my life, and yours!

  • Jun 03, 2012
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