I am convinced that God has His hand on Berlin even though it may be the most post-Christian, post-modern and liberal city on the continent of Europe. A city that has been known for much evil is destined, I believe to become known for much good.

Why do I believe this? Because of a group of individuals who have been praying for the city for over ten years and who now make up a coalition called Together for Berlin. Not only are they praying but they are doing. They are networking with all evangelical and missional groups in Berlin: German; ethnic; ministries and mission organizations. 

Members of the coalition are planting churches, networking their ministries, developing ministries to the least of these, migrants and immigrants, and partnering with the social services in the city. Driven by a passion to see the name of Jesus lifted high, become the love of Jesus to those who are needy and see the church expand in this metropolis, they are doing together what none of them could do by themselves.

They want nothing less than to see Jesus transform Berlin. They pray and believe what we recite in the Lord's prayer, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," and they have the audacity to believe that Jesus can and will do this. They are men and women of faith who have a heart much larger than their own ministries and their own neighborhoods. They are praying that a city can be transformed. They have a heart like Jesus.

ReachGlobal is privileged to be a part of this effort. We believe that Jesus can and does transform cities as He did in Ephesus in Acts 19 and 20. The church there impacted the whole of Asia minor, not just a neighborhood. We are together with Together with Berlin. We want to see the reputation of Jesus lifted high and his name become well known in that city.

What about your city? Are there Christian leaders who have a heart that is larger than their ministry? Larger than their neighborhood? Large enough to reach across denominational lines and focus on what unites us (the Gospel) rather than on what separates us? I await the day when there is a Together for every major city in our world. A coalition of the willing who will pray and unite and work for the transformation of their city.

It is catching on in other cities in Germany. Let's pray that it catches on in thousands of cities around the world.
  • Jan 28, 2013
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