Indicators of Humility
  • I have a proper view of who I am, who I am not and know the source of my strengths
  • I am a secure individual and therefore unthreatened
  • I know that I need others and treat them with honor and respect
  • As a rule I am non-defensive
  • I listen carefully to others and display flexibility
  • I do not need to have my own way on most things
  • I am willing to share authority and decision making with others
  • I intentionally solicit feedback and am open to critique
  • I pay great attention to my shadow side and manage it
  • I give credit away in success and take responsibility in failure
  • I surround myself with people who will tell me the truth
  • I live under authority and accountability
  • I realize that my leadership is not about me but about the mission
Indicators of Arrogance
  • I am self involved and have an inflated view of my own importance
  • I live with insecurity which impacts my actions
  • I use others for my purposes and marginalize them if they disagree with me
  • I display defensiveness and do not want to hear contrary opinions
  • I do not listen carefully to others and am inflexible when others suggest modifications to my plans
  • I am unwilling to share decision making with others
  • I resist feedback or critique that is not in agreement with me
  • I pay little attention to my shadow side and rarely if ever acknowledge it
  • I take credit for success and blame others for failures
  • I surround myself with “yes” people
  • I resist accountability and chafe under authority
  • The ministry is more about me than the mission

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