All of us have a C.V. many of which are pretty impressive. It includes our degrees, accomplishments, job history, awards and publications. Others if they were to write one would include raising wonderful kids, supervising their education, running the home and any number of of ministry involvements. All good!

Each of us has another kind of C.V. It is a hidden C.V. that would include such things as our inner life, our personal spiritual growth, our commitment to spiritual transformation and areas of life that have become more like Jesus, our paradigm for time with Jesus and the life we live when no one is watching. Of the two C.V.'s this one is far more important because it is is a record of our spiritual growth as well as of our spiritual commitments.

Furthermore the hidden C.V. impacts all of our life because our inner lives spill over into our words, actions, motives, relationships, priorities and decisions. No area of life is exempt from the impact of our inner life with Jesus - or lack of it. 

Take a moment and consider you hidden C.V. from the time that you entered into a relationship with Jesus. Are there things you want to change or modify? There is still time and it is worth the effort. 

Posted from Havana, Cuba

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  • Mar 21, 2015
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