We often feel as if our contributions to God's work are insignificant. We are "ordinary" people who don't often have the opportunity to do "extraordinary" things. In fact, I believe that is the feeling of most believers. Yet, as I read the gospels a different picture emerges. A picture of ordinary people not only honored by God but immortalized for all of time as examples of people who please him.

  • A woman who gave her last two pennies in the temple.
  • A woman who spent all she had and poured oil on Jesus feet to bless him.
  • A woman who chose to put aside her busyness and sit at His feet.
  • A woman who was sick and came to touch his robe.
  • A woman who came to his grave the day of his resurrection.
  • A mother who faithfully pondered God's word in her heart.
  • Men who let their paralyzed friend down through a roof.
  • A woman at he well who believed and told her friends about Jesus.
  • A good Samaritan who cared for someone in need.
I could go on. These were by in large simple people who did simple things that pleased the heart of God. Oh, yes, I noticed how many were women. In any other context, these acts would not be noticed, valued or recorded. But in God's kingdom, any movement of any heart toward Him is noticed, valued and even recorded in His eternal records.

As you think about today, remember God honors the little things we do on His behalf: a kind word, a helping hand, a loving gesture, a financial gift, or just sitting for a while with our savior in His presence.

Who does God honor? Those whose hearts are turned toward Him. It is never unnoticed. Even a cup of cold water to parched lips in His name!
  • Jul 15, 2013
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