That is an interesting question in a day when friendships are often shallow, fleeting, easily broken or exist with an agenda of personal gain. Even in the church friendships prove to be fragile and often break with church disagreements. As you think about these markers of true friendship consider who your true friends are and to whom you are a true friend.

True friends:

  • Are always there to help in a time of need
  • Accept you for who you are, warts and all
  • Allow you to have different opinions than they do
  • Will tell you the truth but in a way that is honoring and gentle
  • Do not allow side issues to derail the friendship
  • Are disclosing about the struggles they have
  • Pray for you
  • Make it a priority to be together when that is possible
  • Encourage you always
  • Forgive shortcomings easily
All of us are hungry for true friendships and they are not easy to find. In our home we talk about "friends for life." Those with whom we make a life long investment in regardless of the miles that may separate us. And with Skype, email and the phone, one can stay in touch. True friendships easily transcend the miles.

Remember that friendships are investments. Some of the most precious investments we will ever have. 
  • Jul 09, 2014
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