Like most ministries, ReachGlobal is always looking for good leaders. In doing so, however, our staff must be able to evaluate the potential of leaders they encounter. Aside from the obvious qualifications of character and Christian commitment there are four areas we evaluate as we interact with potential leaders. The questions below are not a checklist but the kinds of things we are looking for in these four areas as we dialogue with these potential leaders. They may be helpful to you and your organization.

These apply to both volunteer and paid leaders.

If you are a leader in some capacity you might want to evaluate yourself against these qualities.


  • Do they desire to see more accomplished through others?
  • Do they have the ability and inclination to do a critical assessment of people? (Their skills and abilities).
  • Are they likeable and able to engage others?
  • How do they view people? As tools or human beings?
  • Is their need to be liked greater than their need to get something done?

  • Do they have the ability to think conceptually?
  • Do they have the ability to think strategically?
  • Do they ask strategic questions?
  • Are they able to critically assess organizational issues?
  • Are they able to assess situations without placing blame?
  • Do they have the mental agility to see multiple possible causes and solutions?
  • Are they able to live with ambiguity and hold issues in tension without immediate resolution? (Can they think grey?)
  • Are they thoughtful in their response to questions?
  • Do they appropriately question conventional wisdom?


  • Are they aware of their own emotions, wiring, strengths and gifts?
  • Are they able to manage their emotions appropriately?
  • Do they exhibit true humility?
  • Are they able to be self-defining?
  • Are they able to understand with empathy the emotions of another person?


  • Do they have a record of leading others toward some vision or goal?
  • Are they more adept at organizational leadership, influence leadership or project management?
  • What have they learned from failures and successes as a leader?
  • Mar 28, 2014
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