It is easy to live life on autopilot with little introspection as to the direction and the impact of our lives. As this year comes to a close think about this: God just gave us another year of grace - as every year and every day is. It is a year we will never get back and it becomes one more chapter in the record of our lives. I now have nearly 56 chapters completed. Each one is full of God's goodness and grace. How many more chapters I or you have is unknown. All the more reason to live this coming year thoughtfully and intentionally.

Those who live with serious illness or who have experienced one know the value of each new day and the gift it represents. They also know that life is not to be wasted or squandered through an unexamined life. In fact, life changing events are often the shock to our system that reminds us that we are mortal, life has limits and time is precious.

As you look toward the coming year, think of it as one of the chapters of the book that will someday represent your life. What do you want this chapter of your life to say? What will it say about your relationship with Jesus, your life priorities, your generosity, your vocation, your marriage, your time with family, your growth, or the use of your gifts for Jesus? Will there be the adventure of risks of faith taken, steps of obedience initiated, time with fellow pilgrims enjoyed?

As a writer with five books under my belt I know something about writing the chapters that make up a book. Each chapter has a number of themes that make up its content. Those themes are fleshed out before the chapter is written but their content is discovered as the words flow from my heart to the page in the writing process. We don't know what the content of our coming year will be given the vagaries of life but we can thoughtfully determine the themes that will make up this chapter. 

The thing about life chapters is that we cannot redo them. There are no corrections or editing of completed chapters so planning them thoughtfully and writing them intentionally is all the more important. The good news is that God's grace can cover the past and His presence can cover the new. Write this next chapter of your life with passion, energy and with an eye on eternity. Our volumes will be on display for all to see one day. More importantly we are writing it for Jesus.
  • Dec 29, 2011
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