Here is a simple exercise but one that can have a significant impact on your year. It is January so it is not too late to put into action. Consider praying about one word that you would like to focus on this year. My word for this year is peace. To be a person of peace, live in peace, have a home characterized by peace. Each morning as I awake I remind myself that I want to be a person of peace and live a peaceful life.

What is the one word that you would like to characterize your year? Courage? Reconciliation? Intimacy? Love? Joy? Patience? Healing? Leadership? Usually one does not need to think long and hard because you have already been thinking about something in your life that you need to focus on.

Because I journal I can note each day what I did to live out the meaning of the word peace. There are many opportunities and many ways I can do this. It is simply another way that I can be intentional in my life as I listen to God's promptings. If one does this year after year the cumulative affect can be significant.

What is your word?

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  • Jan 19, 2019
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