The issue of organizational clarity: why we are here; what we hope to accomplish; what spells success and what are our non-negotiables is more important than we often understand. Here are some key things that we must understand about ministry clarity.

One: Maximum Clarity is the single most powerful accelerator of ministry results because in stripping away the ambiguities of what we are about, all parts of the organization can line up their arrows in the same direction. The corollary is that lack of clarity decelerates ministry effectiveness because energies are expended in different directions.

Two: Without clarity one cannot have alignment in the organization because there is nothing to align around other than general dreams or hopes. Without alignment you will not attract the right people, or the best people who want to know where the ministry is going and how it intends to get there.

Three: Without maximum clarity you cannot measure your progress. Frankly I think that some leaders don’t want the accountability of clarity because then progress can be measured. This is why so many reviews in ministry settings lack objective measurements. Without clarity you simply don’t have them.

Four: Getting to clarity among leaders, staff and boards raises to the surface differing views as to what the ministry is really about. I have seen this played out over and over. I will be told that there is significant agreement about the ministry and its direction but when you start to clarify those issues you realize that there are in fact competing ideas and visions. The good news is that in the clarifying process you surface those differing visions and settle on one compelling vision.

Five: Getting to clarity is some of the most difficult but rewarding work leaders do. It forces them to think about the most important issues of their work, identify direction, non-negotiables and what is central to what God is calling them to do and to be. There is nothing more rewarding when there is a general “Ah Ha” in the room that we got it right and that we can give our energies to a common direction and mission.

Six: Clarity is the missional glue that gives the organization meaning, definition, and purpose. It moves people from doing good things to doing truly important things together.

  • Oct 24, 2012
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