Often we don't realize that a tremendous amount of energy is wasted and drained from issues that we choose not to address. The failure to address known issues can steal amazing time, anxiety or joy from what should be productive ministry.

Take a staff member who is out of sync with the rest of the staff or leadership. Their lack of alignment is like a huge anchor the rest of the organization must drag along behind them. Yet we let it happen all too often.

Or consider governance that no longer fits a church's size that keeps decisions from being made in a timely fashion, requires permission from multiple sources and just makes it hard to lead. In many cases poor governance models also create confusion as to who is responsible for what leading to frustration or conflict. It is a huge an unnecessary drain on multiple people.

Unresolved conflict between key members of a team or board also create tension and an emotional drain on those involved and those who are on the fringes. So do unresolved issues that come up time and again.

Ask yourself this question. Is there something that is draining you or your ministry team or organization of time, energy or emotional health? Is there something that causes ongoing frustration and is a drag on the forward momentum? Is there an individual who is at the center of ongoing controversy or conflict? 

If you can identify those frustrating drains on the energy of your ministry deal with them. It may cause short term pain but it will bring long term health. Once you deal with the issue(s) you will be amazed at the freedom you feel and the new energy you have. 

Posted from Milwaukee
  • May 16, 2015
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