There is much discussion about humility in leadership. It's a good discussion for all leaders to have. However, it is the behaviors of humble leaders that are most important. Humility in leadership is seen in how a leader acts in very tangible ways. Here are some of the most important traits of a humble leader.

Humble leaders:

  • Listen far more than they speak. They genuinely want to know what others think and they listen carefully.
  • Seek a diversity of opinions rather than simply listening to those who agree with them. They want to know as much as they can and listen to a wide variety of advice.
  • Ask many and good questions. They engage in dialogue and conversation rather than telling people what they think.
  • Serve those who work for them rather than expecting others to serve them. Like Jesus they come to be served rather than to be served.
  • Are non-defensive when challenged. 
  • Engage in robust dialogue where any issue can be put on the table with the exception of a personal attack or hidden agenda.
  • Do not ask staff to do what they are unwilling to do themselves.
  • Are deeply introspective and understand their strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Live with an attitude that they have nothing to prove, nothing to lose and nothing to hide.
  • Are appropriately transparent regarding their areas of growth and personal challenges.
  • Are not easily angered and keep their emotions in check. 
  • Treat all people with respect, dignity and kindness.
It is one thing to believe that we are humble. It is another to actually live with the traits of humility. 

  • Apr 21, 2021
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