All of us get them from time to time: Life Time Outs where because of some circumstance, usually not of our making we feel like our lives have been interrupted and that we are even side-lined for a time. I have had a number of them in my 57 years from life threatening illnesses to career interruptions, family circumstances and the like. None of them have been fun or requested but all of them have been deeply valuable.

One of the significant barriers to personal growth is that we get into comfortable habits and routines that we become stale in our personal, spiritual and professional lives without even knowing it - Like the proverbial frog in the kettle.

It is the interruptions in our lives that force us to take stock, rethink and evaluate where we are and where we are going. It is one of those hidden gifts of life that we don't ask for, don't appreciate in the moment but which in retrospect we thank God for. 

I have had interruptions that brought with them career changes that were from God, personal growth that would not have come any other way, and in fact every significant growth spot in my life can be traced back to an interruption. They are strategic to our growth and development so when they happen, take advantage of them and ask God what He has in mind through them. He always does!
  • Apr 01, 2013
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