Leadership teams are only successful when they focus constantly on three non-negotiables.  If you guard these components zealously you have significant opportunity for success. If you lack any of the three you will pay a price.

The first is unity. Leadership teams that are on the same page and committed to working together rather than separately, that guard one another’s back and are always willing to take the hill together are strong teams and send a strong message to the rest of the organization. Unity at the top means unity among those they lead. Silos or lack of unity on the top team invariably trickles down to the rest of the staff. If the organization is going to move in the same direction, those in leadership must do the same.

The second component is resolve. The world is full of nice ideas, grand plans and great dreams. What it often lacks is the discipline of intentional execution where dreams are translated into plans and plans are translated into action on a regular basis. Leaders who lack the discipline or resolve to accomplish what the organization has committed to accomplishing send a message that we are not really serious about our mission. Leadership teams that have and exhibit strong resolve send a powerful message that we are serious about where we are going, are not going to deviate and we are intent on getting there.

The third component is dependence on the Holy Spirit. Most organizations will not rise above the spiritual dependence of their leaders because leaders establish the culture. Leaders who are intent on dependence on God and hearing what God has to say to them in terms of their direction and strategy not only are stronger because of it but model for the rest of the organization that dependence is not an option but a necessity.

How is the leadership team in your organization doing in these three critical areas?
  • Mar 21, 2011
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