1. When we keep everyone programmed up in church so they don't bother their friends or community with the gospel.
  2. When we have so many boards and committees that it takes forever to get anything done or decided.
  3. When we hire people to do ministry so that others don't get trained or released into meaningful ministry
  4. When we preach self help sermons that don't go to the heart of the Gospel
  5. When we water down the text to make it non-offensive
  6. When we focus on programming and numbers rather than Gospel impact
  7. When we spend so much on our facilities that we don't have much left over for mission outreach
  8. When we teach people how to be a good evangelicals rather than focus on real transformation of their hearts, thinking, priorities and relationships
  9. When we get wrapped up in conflict so that we are distracted from our real mission
  10. When we have no clearly defined mission so everyone is comfortable and no one is seriously pushing into Satan's territory
  11. When we convince lay people that they are not really qualified to do real ministry by our professionalization of ministry
  12. When we confuse bringing people to church for bringing people to Jesus
  13. Our church growth methodology of simply outperforming other local churches so that we grow by transfer not evangelism leaving Satan's territory relatively unscathed
  14. Our ineffective boards that make for ineffective ministry
  • Mar 08, 2012
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