The world of me - life is about me, I am entitled, others should pay attention to me and I have a right to be unsatisfied, unhappy and even angry when things don't go my way is an increasing disease in our western society. And it afflicts believers as much as non-believers which is very troubling since for Christ followers, life is never about us but always about Jesus. It is what Jesus was getting at when He spoke of taking up our cross and following Him. Life was never about us. It was always about Him.

Let me make this very personal. Think of all the conflict in local churches because everyone wants their own way and their preferences become the non-negotiables. And if our church does not satisfy us, we just leave and go elsewhere. Think of pastors who create conflict in their congregation because they are the leader and they want their way. In fact they are entitled to it and are committed to getting it no matter what. This is about the world of me!

Think of friendships easily broken because someone disagreed with us. It is OK if the world is about me! Or, co-workers who must get their way and when it doesn't happen, become difficult and passive aggressive, and will not do the hard work of understanding one another, a non value if the world is about me.

For those who blame others for their issues, who take the credit instead of giving it away, who talk more than they listen and are defensive when challenged, there is a reason. The world is about me. 

We often cater to this thinking when our preaching is about what God can do for us to the exclusion of what we are called to be - followers of Jesus in our hearts, minds, priorities and relationships. If we are not careful, God can become just another distributor of blessings to keep me happy rather than my Lord and Savior who blesses wondrously but also calls us to radical followership. 

There are over 70,000 books on Amazon about "me." It begs the question for each of us as to who life is about in our own lives. And, whether we have been more acculturated by society than by Scripture and its Author. To the extent that life is about us, we miss the fact that the center of our lives is Jesus Himself. True fulfillment and joy comes not from a preoccupation with us but a devotion to Him.

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  • Oct 31, 2014
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