When I first wrote about the ISIS threat I received responses that the atrocities I reported could not be happening. Unfortunately they have continued, the most recent being the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot and the beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya. Both on video for all the world to see. I have watched both videos not out of any prurient interest but out of respect for those killed and in order to confront the evil ISIS represents in a personal way. The waves of the Mediterranean turned red with the blood of those killed in Libya. The video represented itself as a warning to all those who live under the banner of the cross. It is a threat to all those who follow Jesus as well as others.

Recent comments by the American administration indicate that ISIS does not constitute an "existential threat" to America and the world. I beg to differ. It constitutes one of the largest threats to mankind ever, and if left to grow and multiply it will bring its evil not only to those who live in the Middle East and Africa (who we are allowing to suffer and die by the thousands) but to the doorsteps of many other nations. It is not so much a political threat as it is the naked face of the pit of hell being unleashed on a world that seems to be largely unconcerned about its real intention - to destroy and kill those who don't agree with their version of Islam. It is John 10:10 exposed for all the world to see - "The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy." 

The civilized world has a responsibility to respond to this naked evil. This is no small skirmish but a declaration of war on Christians and others with the most gruesome killing of men, women and children made in God's image. We ignored Rwanda and had to apologize. How can the world ignore ISIS. Some evil is so raw and primitive that it must be confronted and destroyed. If we do not, it will confront and destroy much of what we consider to be precious to us. 

I suspect that kidnappings for ransom or for propaganda deaths will grow and that missionaries working in hard to reach places will be casualties. But their deaths are no more precious than the deaths of these 21 Coptic believers or the Jordanian pilot who I presume was Muslim. This is evil and evil cannot be ignored, especially when it sets itself up against the peace and security of our world, the Jewish nation, those who believe in the Cross of Jesus and then those who simply don't fit their brand of Islam. If the world had the responsibility to confront Hitler and the Nazis it has the responsibility to confront ISIS and its expanding ilk whether in the Middle East or Africa. 

How many deaths will it take until the world gets serious about the evil that ISIS represents? Americans, Japanese, Syrians, Africans, Jordanians, Iraqis, Turks, French, English and others have died. How many more will die before we realize that the existential threat does exist and it is the face of evil. The naked face of evil.
(Written from Hua Hin, Thailand)

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  • Feb 17, 2015
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