I am constantly reminded in my own organization, or those that I interact with how important it is to get the right people in the right seat in order for the organization to flourish. When we get the wrong people in place we pay a heavy price for as long as they are there and it becomes a drag on the ministry momentum.

When you have the right people:

  • The job is not viewed as a job but a mission to be accomplished

  • Very little supervision is needed because they take the initiative

  • Bureaucracies are minimized because there is a high degree of empowerment and responsibility

  • Trust is high because you have healthy people who put the mission above all else

  • Cooperation is high and silos are minimized because the mission is the key glue that holds the team together

  • Excellence is the norm

  • New ways of doing things are regularly explored

  • Turf wars are virtually non-existent
Take a moment and think about the key players you have. Do they meet the characteristics of the "right people?" With the wrong people, the opposite characteristics will often show up. There is no substitute in a healthy organization for getting the right (and healthy) people on your team. Don't neglect leadership principle 101.
  • Oct 19, 2012
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