What would you be doing the night before your death? Jesus had a supper prepared and invited some of his most trusted friends - His disciples. And then He did an amazing thing. Laying aside his outer robe he did what no self respecting man did - unless he was a slave. He washed His disciples feet: the ultimate sign of humility.

Think about this:
He washed the feet of Judas who would betray Him.
He washed the feet of Peter who would deny Him.
He washed the feet of Thomas who would doubt his resurrection.
He washed the feet of His beloved three who would not even stay awake in the garden and pray with Him.

And then He said, you are my friends. And He prayed one of His most significant prayers: what we call the High Priestly prayer found in John 17.

Even more profound, in that prayer He prayed for us: You and Me. On the night before His death He was thinking of all those down through the ages who would believe in Him as their Lord and Savior. 

He prayed for our joy - read it!
He prayed for our protection - it is there.
He prayed for our sanctification - becoming like Him.
He prayed for our unity: That those who believe in Him would be unified.
He prayed for our ministry that we would represent Him well.

This is the love of Christ. That he would minister to the one who would betray Him, the one who would deny Him, the ones who would not stay awake with Him and each of us who follow Him whose lives have been transformed by His love.

If we were to follow His example, what would the church look like?

  • Mar 29, 2018
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