First they were abused by pedophiles masquerading as missionaries. Then they were abused by their mission agencies who denied, covered up and didn't admit!

One of the sad legacies of the mission enterprise were boarding schools for mission kids that harbored pedophiles who were responsible for the abuse of numerous children. While this may not have been a widespread phenomena it was widespread enough that it touched the lives of many MK's (Missionary Kids) who then found that their mission agency did everything they could to cover up the shameful abuse. When the MK's confronted the agencies, they were met with executives who said "I don't believe you," "Keep it quiet for the sake of the gospel" or outright denial - all the while as they transferred the offenders out of the area and often reassigned them to another.

The abuse was not reported to American authorities as it took place overseas which means that many of these abusers, even when discovered, live today in communities across the United States and are not labeled as sex offenders. Meanwhile, MK's must live with the scars of the past, some have left their faith and many are deeply cynical of the Gospel enterprise that their parents served. In many cases, parents were told to send their kids to boarding schools because they would be too busy with "the Lord's work" to school them at home.

In the case of New Tribes Mission, now Ethnos 360, it was a blog of abuse survivors that forced the mission agency to deal with the issue. This after ignoring it for many years. You can access the MK's blog here.

The story of the New Tribes Mission and their handling of the sex abuse of children has taken on new meaning in the post #MeToo world. Below is the latest story from NBC News as well as my original posts from 2010.

From NBC News

Ungodly abuse: The lasting torment of the New Tribes Missionary kids

Former New Tribes mission members speak out on alleged abuse

Ex child mission members speak out on alleged sex abuse

From this blog

The questions raised by the New Tribes Missions scandal 

New Tribes Mission faces the consequences of their past

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