One of the ways we can tell if we are in our lane and living out God’s best for our lives is the level of passion we have for what God has called us to do. Show me a passionate Christ follower and chances are they are playing to their strengths, highly motivated, and fully engaged. 

Certainly there are seasons for all of us when passion is diminished because of difficult circumstances in our life or work - the tough times we just need to be faithful. But, if those times don't give rise to a renewed sense of direction, energy and passion we may have a more systemic issue to deal with.

Lack of passion and energy around what we do – or in staff members is a warning signal that boredom has set in, we or they are not playing to strengths or there is something in the way of motivation and passion. Getting to the core of our lack of passion is critical if we are going to maximize our gifting, impact and the role God has given us.

Here are some questions to ask when our passion diminishes:
  • Am I in the right job or the right role, playing to the gifts God has given?
  • Am I in the right job but need to spend more time in my areas of strengths which fill me rather than in areas that drain me?
  • Do I have a supervisor who disempowers and micromanages and therefore demotivates me?
  • Am I working on a dysfunctional team that is impacting my passion?
  • Does my lack of passion flow from working for an organization that itself does not have clarity and passion?
  • Am I so busy and distracted that I do not have time for refreshment and recharging?
  • Am I bored through a lack of challenge in my present role?

Passionate people are happy, motivated and effective. When we start to lose our passion, it is time to ask ourselves some questions and clarify where the loss of passion comes from. God designed us to make a specific difference in His kingdom – something we can be highly motivated and passionate about (Ephesians 2:10). Take a moment and ask yourself what level your passion is at.

  • Feb 04, 2011
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