Each of us has made innumerable decisions in the past year. The most important decision we will make, however, may still be in front of us. 

It is this: What are the three to five truly important things that I need to focus on in the coming year?

Those who make the greatest impact do so not because they necessarily work harder than others. Rather, they are more focused than others. They live intentional rather than accidental lives and they answer the important questions like the one above.

Understanding what our focus for the next year needs to be is like having a personal compass that keeps us pointed in the right direction. Likewise our calendars are like a clock. When we connect the compass (our priorities) to the clock (our calendar) we have a roadmap for the coming 12 months.

Don't go into the new year without knowing where you need to go and having a plan to get there. These are not New Year resolutions but rather intentional decisions that help us maximize the time God has given us.

My 29 year old son has an app on his phone that counts down the days, hours and minutes until he reaches 70. It is a constant reminder that we don't have unlimited time and that we need to use it wisely. In light of that, the most important decision you make this year may still be ahead of you.
  • Dec 27, 2013
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