Many of us desire to influence others and many of us do. But there is an irony wrapped up in the influence equation. The harder one works to influence others the less influence one often has. The more we simply become the people God wants us to be the more influence we often have. Greater influence comes out of a spirit of humility than a spirit of pride and arrogance.

Over the years I have watched Christian leaders who thought they were something and conveyed their sense of wisdom, answers and vision - crash and burn and leave little behind. I have watched others who served and spoke with humility and focused on Christ deeply impact others around them. While the first group wanted influence their self focus and pride robbed them of it in the end. The second group didn't crave the spotlight but their lives ended up impacting many around them.

To have a life of real influence three things are necessary. First, a spirit of humility that understands that life is not about us but about Jesus. The more we focus on him rather than on us, the more influence we will have.

Second, those with influence are deep thinkers who align their thinking, lives and relationships with Jesus. The more they become like Him, the more that likeness rubs off on others around them inadvertently in a quiet but profound way.

Third, those with influence live generous lives. They actively help others in whatever way they can and give themselves away like Jesus did. As people experience that kind of relationship they cannot go away the same.

These three marks of people of influence are the opposite of how the world would define influence which is usually power and pride. But then, Jesus didn't buy into the world's system but taught and modeled a radically different way of life.
  • Aug 05, 2013
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