There is a great deal of conversation in mission circles around the insider movement when doing evangelism with Muslims. The insider movement is not simply a phenomenon in ministry to Muslims but to Hindu's as well and is often defined by a scale of C1 to C6 depending on how "insider" it is. These practices have become divisive in the missions community as well as with churches who support those who are proponents of the practice.

ReachGlobal is not part of that movement and we don't even use the term. Rather we have a biblical and practical framework from which we approach ministry to Muslims (and and the principles would apply in ministry to Hindus and others. 

Biblical Framework
  • You only come to God through Jesus.
  • The Bible is the final and complete revelation.
  • Jesus was both human and divine.
  • The Godhead is of a Triune nature, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • A Kingdom Community (church) is a fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ committed to gathering regularly for biblical purposes under a recognized spiritual leadership.
  • Mohammed is not God's prophet and the Koran is not God's Scripture.

Practical Convictions
  • Muslim ministry demands a flexibility to allow individuals to move toward Christ and followership.
  • We need to trust the Holy Spirit in the process of helping new believers make decisions about how they respond to Islamic culture and religious practice.
  • Our primary identity is that we are followers of Jesus.
  • We encourage approaching people from their own context and framework of thinking to initiate conversation about the Gospel.
  • Baptism will come about as a natural part of spiritual growth and followership of Christ.
  • While we seek to approach people from their context, we never hide our followership of Christ or full commitment to the Gospel.
  • We consider it inappropriate to pretend that we are something we are not, ie. followers of Islam, in order to share the Gospel.
  • We encourage the use of Biblical translations that accurately reflect the intent of the original text.
  • Our focus in on the centrality of the Gospel.

I realize that some who read this blog have differing convictions but we believe that the above reflects a Biblical framework for doing evangelism with Muslims.

  • Aug 27, 2014
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