Empty, empty, empty, is life full of stuff and devoid of God. Materialism and the chasing of material wealth has great allure but its promises are so very empty. Like a bottomless pit, there is never enough, the goal line keeps changing and the accomplishment of our goals leaves us wondering where the pay off is. Things cannot fill the God sized hole in the human heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Material blessings are granted to us by God for our enjoyment (Ecclesiastes) but were never meant to bring life its meaning and they cannot. When we substitute stuff for God, when we focus on things for fulfillment, we purchase the ultimate lie of the Evil one. And we do purchase it, one item at at time. Ever expecting some lasting and meaningful benefit but which fades so very quickly. 

The Old Testament prophets laugh at those who worship stone or wood images and it is indeed laughable if not sad. We would never do such a foolish thing. Instead we worship shiny and sophisticated items including gadgets and things on wheels with engines. Is my new HP computer in yet? And why do  I need to stand in line for my new I Phone 5? Cool stuff but not any to give my life meaning.

I am thankful for all of God's blessings, including the material ones for they meet needs and allow me to share with others. They are resources not life givers. Jesus is the life giver and that is one thing we must never forget. Don't buy the lie, one item at a time hoping they will add up to some ultimate meeting. And I have a great deal for you on an I Phone 4S!

  • Oct 31, 2012
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