The emotional intelligence of your ministry team or board makes all the difference in terms of its health and your ability to carry out healthy and effective ministry. Here is an inventory that can help you gauge the EQ of your team or board. 

Give each question a number from 1 to 10 that describes the accuracy of the statement with 1 being very untrue and 10 being very true

Ask each member of the team/board to score the ten questions. Take the total score for each participant and divide by the number of respondents for your group score. 

You may want to discuss the ten questions in one of your team/board meetings as a growing exercise.

What the scores tell you:

  • 60 or less, your board/team needs to do serious work and would be considered to have poor corporate Emotional Intelligence.
  • 60 - 75, your board/team has moderate Emotional Intelligence but needs to be more intentional in these areas.
  • 75 - 90, your board/team has fairly good Emotional Intelligence and would gain by talking about places where the score was low and could be brought higher.
  • 90-100, your board/team has excellent Emotional Intelligence and should both celebrate and work to stay that way.

Take the test and grow your board/team.

  1. There are no issues that we cannot put on the table for discussion. _____
  2. Members of our team/board respond with non-defensive attitudes when their position is challenged. _____
  3. All of our team/board are willing to abide by decisions of the group once they have been made. _____
  4. Members of our team/board keep short accounts and quickly resolve interpersonal conflicts. _____
  5. There are no ongoing divisions on our team/board. ______
  6. Total honesty and candid discussion is always encouraged by the team/board leader. _____
  7. Members who may disagree with a course of action are never marginalized. _____
  8. Members carefully listen to the opinions of others and fully engage in the discussions of the group. _____
  9. There is a high level of interpersonal trust among members of the team/board. _____
  10. When members of the team/board become disruptive to the work of the group the issue is handled and not ignored. _____
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