What makes the difference between two equally gifted individuals, one of whom sees significant results from their work (and life in general) while the other does not? Often the answer is simple but profound: The productive individual has far greater focus to what they do in life while the less productive individuals energies are diffused by the lack of focus.

Focus is all about understanding what is important to us today, this week, this month or this year and then organizing our time and energies around what is important rather than being distracted by the less important. It is the discipline of prioritizing the most important things we need to accomplish from all the things we could give our attention to and then having the discipline to schedule those priorities first. That means we say yes to a few important things and no to many less important things. 

My guess is that we would all agree with the above definition of focus. Why, then is focus so difficult - we all struggle with keeping focused. The answer I think is pretty simple. First because it takes more intentionality and discipline to be focused than it does to live with lack of focus. Second, there are always pressures from those around us who have agendas for our lives, and third, it is simply harder to focus than it is to allow ourselves to be distracted by the good at the expense of the best. 

So why bother? Many don't! But those who do simply accomplish more than those who don't. They live with greater satisfaction knowing that they are doing what really counts and their focus spills over to family, ministry and all that is really important in life. This is not about working harder, it is about working smarter and in doing so we actually end up with more time for non work activities.

We have one life to live and we ought to live it well. God has given us specific gifts and we ought to steward those gifts. Jesus did not live accidentally but intentionally and so should we. Our greatest joy comes when we live out God's call on our lives but like all other things that takes focus and intentionality. The more focused we are the better we are in all areas of life: our work, our marriage, our ministry, and our personal walk. Focus is powerful.
  • Oct 09, 2011
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