2018 is past. Have you stopped to consider what you are thankful for in this past year? It is a worthwhile exercise to write down the people you are thankful for, the answers to prayer you experienced and the blessings of God that you received. In my experience, the healthiest people I know are also those who are most thankful.

Why? Because they dwell on the positive rather than the negative aspects of life which changes one's whole attitude. Because they appreciate the people around them who bless them. Because they are conscious of and appreciative of God's blessings on their lives. Rather than wishing they had more or different, they are thankful for what they have. Even in the hard things, they look at what they have learned and the small blessings along the way and are thankful for them. 

Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and mental health author wrote an article in Forbes Magazine titled 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude that Will Motivate You to Give Thanks Year-Round. They included the following:

  1. Gratitude opens the door to more relationships
  2. Gratitude improves physical health
  3. Gratitude improves psychological health
  4. Gratitude increases empathy and reduces aggression
  5. Grateful people sleep better
  6. Gratitude improves self-esteem
  7. Gratitude increases mental strength
The bottom line is that gratitude impacts all of our lives so it makes sense to focus on being a person of thanksgiving. Being thankful to God, to people, and for the smallest of blessings rather than dwelling on the negative is both Biblical and psychological advice. Bringing thankful people on our staff also changes the morale of our staff and teams. Unthankful people spread a Scrooge like attitude while thankful people spread good cheer.

An attitude of gratitude is especially important for leaders as their attitude sets the culture of the company, ministry or team. Thankful leaders are healthier leaders.

Are you living a thankful life today?

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  • Jan 03, 2019
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