Ministry boards undermine their own work when they ignore the following issues.

  1. Board members who disagree with board decisions outside the board.
  2. Allowing any one board member to hold up a decision because they have a policy on unanimity.
  3. Focusing on day to day management rather than on organizational values, direction and those things they want to accomplish.
  4. Learning together as a board.
  5. Building agendas around the most important issues.
  6. Helping the ministry get to maximum clarity on what spells success.
  7. Crowding out prayer because of all the business of the board. Prayer is the business of the board!
  8. Ensuring that the ministry has an annual ministry plan that drives the missional agenda.
  9. Operating without a board covenant that defines relationships, expectations and procedure for the board.
  10. Not living with a culture of expectation that God is going to do something significant through the ministry.
  • Dec 07, 2012
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