I am a firm believer in developing kingdom relationships for kingdom purposes. My life is deeply enriched by all the wonderful friendships that have developed over the years, both inside and outside of my movement. God can use these relationships for His purposes in ways that are wonderfully creative and synergistic. 

Here are seven keys to developing these kingdom relationships.

One: Be intentional. I pray regularly that God would bring me into contact with those who I should meet. When they come across my path I take the time to spend time and get to know them. This includes those who are younger and have smaller ministries than we might have. It is not about meeting people who have a "name."

Two: Be genuinely interested in them and their ministry. This is not about what they can do for you - it is about relationship and if there are ways you can help one another, that will become clear. If not, you have a new friend.

Three: Invest in the relationship. Stay in touch. Let them know you genuinely care about them. Small acts of kindness go a long way.

Four: Go out of your way to contribute something to them. We have a philosophy in ReachGlobal that whatever we have we will give away. We want to bless others and bless God's work. It is what He would do and about His Kingdom.

Five: Find out what makes them tick. People are wonderfully unique. The more you understand what drives and motivates them and their unique wiring the better you know them and can relate to them.

Six: Never use them. People know when they are being used. And, there are groupies in the Christian world just like the Rock world. When we use people we have violated the last four keys. Never do it. That is not true relationship. 

Seven: Pray for them. If we really care about someone else and their ministry we will take the time to pray for them. And, if you pray for them, it will no longer be about what they can do for you but you join them in their ministry.

  • Jul 21, 2012
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