The longer I have been a Christ follower the more appreciative and cognizant I am of sacred moments in my life: Those instances where it is undeniably clear that God's hand was at work and His goodness was displayed. These are sacred moments precisely because the infinite God lovingly entered my finite life with a touch of His grace filled hand.

This is not to be taken lightly and should be pondered deeply. When the creator enters the life of one of 7 billion people with a gift of provision, protection, forgiveness, financial help, the salvation of someone we have been praying for, comfort for some sorrow, someone who comes in a time of need - whatever it is, it is a sacred moment from the hand of a loving God. 

Unfortunately our lives are often too busy and harried to even notice that the God of Gods and Lord of Lords just touched our life. And that is a tragedy for how might it have changed our perspective on life to know that our lives had just been touched by the creator? Would our perspective on our day and situation change? Would we see the next challenge we face in light of the help of God in the last?

There are many things that I don't have time for but I want to make time for God. I want to recognize His touch when it comes. I want to be thankful for His love and provision. I want to remember His goodness to me so that when in need I remember who is there. I want to remember each time God reaches down from eternity into time to touch my life. They are sacred moments and like Mary, after the birth of Jesus, I want to ponder them in my heart.
  • Feb 18, 2014
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