I recently received an email from a dear friend who had been asked to speak at an event and was struggling with doubt that they were qualified to be on stage, talking about the subject. It is not that they are a poor speaker or don't know the subject. It was inner doubt about whether they were truly worthy to address the audience. They verbalized to me (asking for prayer) what many of us struggle with: we do not feel worthy to represent Jesus. We don't feel worthy because we live with various versions of shame. Shame for what we have done, shame that we will never be good enough, shame that we are not worthy. Shame that we will never be good enough.

That shame sometimes comes from our family of origin where we were given the message that we will never amount to anything. It can come from sin in our past that we believe disqualifies us from being used by God. It can also be the whisper of Satan telling us that we are unworthy. And in case you doubt he would say this, remember that he is called the father of lies and that he comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) while Jesus comes to bring life and life abundant. Satan specializes in shame while Jesus specializes in freedom from shame though his death on our behalf. Satan floods us with shame while Jesus releases us from shame. Satan says you are not worthy. Jesus says, you are fully worthy because of me.

Here is the truth. None of us are worthy in ourselves to represent Jesus but Jesus has made us fully worthy through His son Jesus. But if he has made us worthy he has also made us "fully worthy." He has released us from all sin and shame and inadequacy for He is our adequacy. We literally walk and live in His divine AMEN on our lives. His face is turned toward us and His smile is upon us. There is no shame in His presence for those who have been redeemed and forgiven. There is only freedom and joy and blessing.

Each of us struggle with some version of shame. Jesus wants to release all of that. Satan says you have no destiny. Jesus says you have an amazing destiny. The former is a lie while the latter - through Jesus - is absolute truth. Satan wants us to hold back fearful of our destiny. Jesus wants us to fully step in the destiny He handcrafted for us (Ephesians 2:10). 

Don't let shame hold you back. Release it to Jesus and step fully into your destiny. It is His destiny for you.
(written from Hua Hin, Thailand)

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  • Feb 15, 2015
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